The Importance of Grooming!

If you choose a companion with a coat that continuously grows then you need to learn how to maintain it correctly!

Both Cockapoos and Poodles have coats that forever grow so they are going to need haircuts on a regular basis. These breeds have a life of grooming ahead of them, so unless you are going to learn to groom your new pup yourself you will need to find a local Dog Groomer for regular appointments!

We always provide information and a brush and comb to new puppy parents with a ‘Guide to Grooming’ for your new puppy.

Firstly your pup will have had experience of this with us already being Dog Groomers. At 6 weeks of age they would have already been brushed and combed and had their first ‘Puppy Pamper’ which consists of a bath, blow-dry, paws trimmed, nails clipped, a sanitary trim and a facial trim to keep the hair from affecting their eyes!

Pups will always be groomed on a table so the first advice would be is to have a non-slip mat, even a rubber backed bathroom mat will do. Place it on your kitchen work surface or solid table and this is where you will always brush your pup and then comb through their coat ensuring there are no knots and tangles. Never let them bite or play with your grooming tools, and always praise as you go when they are good and allowing the process. Try to do this just for a few minutes every day so they get accustomed to the routine!

A Dog Groomer does not want the first experience for your Dog coming to the Salon being a total ‘shave off’ because you didn’t maintain the coat correctly, and you don’t want your dog having that scary experience as their first time either I would presume, so your home grooming is a MUST so your pup knows this will be done and knows it has to be done!