Cockapoos Explained

A Cockapoo is a cross-breed dog, they cannot be registered as a show-dog with the Kennel Club (KC), they cannot partake in any KC Dog Show but can be registered on the Activities register should you wish to enter them at Crufts in an activity event other than the actually Dog Show itself!

Cockapoos are a cross with a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

There are a few different types, this is because there are many colours and sizes in the two breeds: There are Show Cocker Spaniels and Working Cocker Spaniels, they are quite different, then you have three sizes of Poodles, the Toy being the smallest, the Miniature being the middle size and the Standard being the largest of the Poodle family.

It does depend on the parents as to what sort of Cockapoo you may be looking for, but never be under the illusion that all are non-shedding as this is not always the case! You may see a lovely fluffy puppy but it’s not always apparent how their coat will develop, as some will take on the smoother Cocker Spaniel look ( known as Smoothiepoos) whilst another in the same litter may well become rather curly…always remember there are no guarantees on coat type with a cross-breed!

If you 100% need a totally non-shedding dog then the Poodle may well be a better choice for you….please read our poodle page for details…

F1 Cockapoo = Cocker Spaniel X Poodle

F1b Cockapoo = F1 Cockapoo X Poodle or F1 Cockapoo X Cocker Spaniel

F2 Cockapoo = Cockapoo X Cockapoo